NEWEST RELEASE:  LYNN BECKMAN and The Mountain Kin Band CD "MY MOUNTAIN HOME" on MON HILLS RECORDS (a subsidiary of West Virginia University's Creative Arts Division).  15 new original song tracks.  Now available.

CDs, downloads and streams are available now.   Go to your favorite music retail web source. Including  iTUNES; AMAZON; SPOTIFY; CDBaby; YOUTUBE, etc. Also check out MON HILLS RECORDS at   Almost all of Lynn Beckman's full length selections are  on YOUTUBE including the 15 new tracks on MON HILLS RECORDS CD ("My Mountain Home").  Search YouTube: Lynn Beckman Music for a listing. 

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The new MON HILLS RECORDS RELEASE INCLUDES 15 original newly recorded tracks: My Mountain Home; Wasting Time; Pigtails and Curls; When Your Can Do Ain't Keeping Up With Your Want To; Still Missing You; What I Had Back Then; Cold; Soft Touch; Twenty-Four-Seven-Three Sixty-Five; The Angels Sang Life's Lullaby; Down At Bob and Joe's; Sometimes; Christmas Won't Be Christmas Without You; Ridin' High; That Holy City John Saw. 

LYNN BECKMAN MUSIC COLLECTION NOW ON DISPLAY IN THE GARRETT COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM, 107 S. SECOND ST., OAKLAND, MD.   You are invited to visit the museum.  Call 301-334-3226 for hours and information.  D Record releases; Bear Family (Germany) box set release; UK, England, Europe New Christian Music releases; Major Record releases; the new MON HILLS release; and more are all on display in the museum. 

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