Thanks for stopping by... enjoy your time here.  NEWS FLASH --- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

NEW RELEASE -- LYNN BECKMAN and The Mountain Kin Band CD "MY MOUNTAIN HOME" on MON HILLS RECORDS (a subsidiary of West Virginia University's Creative Arts Division).  15 new original song tracks.  Now available.  Can be ordered directly from LYNN BECKMAN MUSIC for $17.50 each ($15 for CD + $2.50 Shipping & Handling).  Checks or money orders only payable to LYNN BECKMAN MUSIC.  Print your name and return address.   A LIMITED FIRST EDITION COLLECTOR'S ITEM.  You will surely want a copy in your music library. A historic release on a new commercial record label from WVU.  Mail your order to LYNN BECKMAN MUSIC, P. O. BOX 3012, SWANTON, MD  21561.  No C.O.D. or credit/debit card orders can be honored.

CDs will be available soon from and from global music resellers and retailers world-wide.  Go to the Mon Hills website for further details and the "at-large" public release availability.  A photo of the CD cover is on the Mon Hills website.

15 SONGS INCLUDE: My Mountain Home; Wasting Time; Pigtails and Curls; When Your Can Do Ain't Keeping Up With Your Want To; Still Missing You; What I Had Back Then; Cold; Soft Touch; Twenty-Four-Seven-Three Sixty-Five; The Angels Sang Life's Lullaby; Down At Bob and Joe's; Sometimes; Christmas Won't Be Christmas Without You; Ridin' High; That Holy City John Saw.

THE MOUNTAIN KIN BAND: George Park, Jr. (Steel, Electric & Acoustic Lead Guitars) Jimmy Flanigan (Rhythm Guitars & Harmonica); Roy "Tiny" Uphold (Drums & Percussion); Tim Beckman (Electric & Acoustic Lead Guitars, Rhythm, Cajon, Vocal Harmonies); Rick Beckman (Electric Bass, Vocal Harmonies).  Engineering, mixing, mastering by WVU Creative Arts students supervised by Josh Swiger.  Students who worked on the project include: Cody Kerns and Shane Saddler.

Thanks again, for stopping by .   Here is wishing you all the best with an abundance of blessings in 2018.  Check out my other recordings here.  To hear clips of the new release go to the Mon Hills website.  Otherwise, give a listen right here and enjoy your visit.